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Friday, May 29, 2015

Why I love travelling - "To explore the world"

I have been travelling since I was three years old and now it is one of my favourite things.

One main reason why I travel is to explore the world.

More than cities I go to jungles and historical places. I love jungles as I get to see a lot of animals and birds. Jungles are a good place to take pictures, so I started taking pictures. I tried my hands with the DSLR camera when I was pretty young. I would click anything that I would see in front of me. That is how I realized that I could become a good photographer.

Travelling helped figure the things I was good at. Going to historical places for me is a must because these places take me back in time.  I find forts and palaces very interesting and I love the architecture of the Mughals, the most. The geometrical designs on the windows are one of my favorites. (Nature and Geometrical designed inspired sketch  by me)

During one such travels, when I went to the Gwalior Fort to watch the Light & Sound show, there were hardly any people there and we were sitting on the open in a chill winter night. I found the show interesting and the story of the fort and the dynasty was very tragic. When we were watching the show a strong wind blew and we felt the chills. After sometime we realized that clouds were passing through us and that meant we were in the clouds! That was a very cold and nice   experience.  When travelling you have many good and bad experiences that you will never forget.  At the end of that day you will have fun and you will learn a lot.
Also, while travelling I collect a lot of things that belong to the place - like souvenirs, handicrafts or even small things like pebbles, sea-shells etc. I create designs from these articles and one of them is shown here(sea Shells).

I love trying out new types of food because I am a foodie. Eating different types of cuisine belonging to the place is a very good enriching. The food of the place can tell you a lot about the culture of the place. When I travelled to Gujarat along with my classmates, I had paneer(cottage cheese) every day and lots of vegetarian food, which may indicate that Gujarat is primarily a vegetarian state.
So, while travelling please try out new things like cuisines, local handicrafts and finally don't harm nature.
- Contributed by Shreya Mishra

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