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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why I love travelling - "To find physical and mental limits"

The unknown places help me discover myself, and the known ones help me feel at peace. It allows me to be myself, go funky, try out local dresses, and most importantly helps find my passion!

My mom once said: “Dude! We’re going on a jungle trip!!! It’ll be amazing!!! Get your camera!”

I had a fear of dogs then and I was going to see tigers! I was scared! Being too young, I thought that I would be eaten by the carnivores in the safari… How foolish?!

That one trip to the jungle helped me find a photographer in myself!

I travel to see how it changes me. I used to hate touching the vim bottle when I was young! Thanks to the Himalayan Excursion, I now wash my own mug!

I travel to find my physical and mental limits. Sleeping at 11:30 pm and waking up at 4:30 am; and trekking are very stressful! But that cannot be your limit. I push my limits to the farthest possible point at times I travel!

I have become so open minded and accepting to the people around. When I see a local dressed up according to their culture, I just let them be. But some of my friends, who do not often travel, see them, the burst out in laughter and make that person conscious.

I am curious to know what it is living in places other than where I stay, what they eat, how they behave, what they talk, do they also have emotions like me? Do they also sing and dance? What do they do when they are happy? And of course the wonderful life of plants and animals...

The world is so beautiful...I have just started...And have many miles to go…Do you want to join me?

#Nikhil Kumar

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