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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two poems


Shut the door O Sujata
here comes the rain
Patter Patter.
Thick cloud and darkness everywhere
fear and anxiety

Let us cuddle each other
And ask the teacher to tell us a tale;
The story of a Prince and Princess
And a beautiful land
where Rain,Summer and
Winter do not hurt people.

THE WICKED RIVER ------------------------------

The wicked river is full to the brim
And the muddy water comes
from where nobody knows.
It brings all unknown things from unknown places,
Also sorrow and anxiety

It was but dry the other day
Sleeping lonely.
The water was still calling kids to play
and now,
It is through better days but
Why should it punish us
when it is full of life?
Last week I received a mail from father with these two poems. And surprisingly he mentioned that both of them were written by me back in the late eighties. Currently there is a debate going on about the poet - whether it Jayashree(my sister) or myself. I firmly believe it could be her.

Anyways please enjoy these two

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