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Thursday, May 07, 2009

We Are Like This Only!

We Are Like This Only!
...goes the saying in our country. Whoever coined this phrase has said it right.

There was a small plot lying vacant diagonally opposite to the flats where I live. For almost a week, I have been observing construction material being dumped on the main road causing inconvenience to all the commuters on this road...believe me this is the only main road for all the 250 odd flats of Sai Sairam Manor apartments and surrounding residences forget the rest who use this road as a short cut to Srinagar colony from Yousufguda.

Coz of this dumping and construction in full swing, one can imagine what the condition of the road and the plight of the people using this road would be. I decided to follow up with the Maintenance office folks of our Apartment complex to get the road cleared. I got a response from them stating that the supervisor at the construction site is not paying any heed to us so cannot do much!

So I contemplated for a day and then thought of resolving this problem on my own yesterday.

Yesterday, May 6th morning I decided to drop Shreya at her summer camp and then pick up some mangoes from Reliance Fresh as Sandip was keen on relishing some good mangoes...the Benishaan variety especially.

As my driver drove the steep slope of the apartment gate, I was perplexed to see that the road was completely blocked by this damn material and everyone just managed to drive on the rubble but not a single soul bothered to complain or request the supervisor at the site to clear this mess up. (This did remind me of the VIP Briefs ad...showing how people in India "adjust" in all ways possible:-) )

Anyway, I carried on with my work and thought of talking to the supervisor on my return home. I called up Sandip and updated him. (Sandip called up the GHMC call center and lodged a complaint.) As said, I did speak to the supervisor and couple of them at the site requesting them to make way so that people can use this road with ease. I was told that the whole masonry would be cleared in an hours time.

In fact my bigger worry was to get this cleared asap because even 10 mins of rain turns this road into a river, literally! You never know when the summer showers would show up their face in this city!

Being an optimist, I came home a bit frustrated thinking about the people around who live in the flats next door, next blocks, the so-called president of the society, the secretary, the treasurer, god knows what they designate themselves. These guys are always ready to assemble for any religious activity be it Ganesh Chaturti or the not-so-important one day affair of Rama Navami (atleast for me!), etc.

I came home and told Sandip that the situation outside on the road demands that we do something! Not for us but atleast for the people...for medical emergency as there was no space left on the road for an ambulance to drive in.

We decided to lodge a complaint and inform concerned government authorities so that something could be done sooner or atleast get a positive response.

The first thought the came in what to call Diya, our friend, so that we could get a TOI reporter to get this covered by the media. Diya, always positive in approach, told me that she would get back to me asap on this matter.

But I was loosing my patience and was really frustrated and starting questioning:
- Why is it that people are so indifferent?
- Why is that nobody cares or shows interest in getting things in order?
- Forget about the whole society, why does not one Sairam Manor resident come forward to make some difference in the surroundings of the apartment itself?
- Religious activities are given so much of I called this devotion? Loud speakers being played at full volume so show that Prayers are on.
Isn't this noise pollution?
- If the literates show this attitude towards the society, why do we expect the illiterates to behave in a better way?

Well...time was ticking by and Sandip only prompted to dial 100 and inform police. For me this was nothing new. I had dialed the Banjara Hills police station on various instances to get things in order earlier. Without hesitation I called up Banjara Hills PS but none answered the call. It was very unusual as there has always been a prompt response from these cops. I hung up. I dialed 100 and within 3 mins, someone did pick up the call. I explained the details with location. I was told that the police would reach the spot in 15 mins.

As I was waiting for the police to come, I took my camera and went down to click few snaps so that I could send it to the TOI. Diya called and confirmed the TOI reporter is only available by lunch time. But no worries, the cops called up to confirm that they will be reaching in 5 mins.
Sandip also came down and confirmed that the police would be reaching in 10 mins.

The cops, Sandip and I went to the construction site and spoke to the supervisor. Heated arguments, shouts, could only be expected. The cop was ready to arrest the supervisor and take him to the PS. But we interfered and said that our intention to call police was not to arrest someone but to get things in order. For all you know, the cops would take him to the PS and leave the supervisor after an hour or so...after taking some bribe? What do you think?

In sometime, the matter got resolved. We were promised that the rubble would be cleared in an hour's time and the same would not be repeated. And I did promise the supervisor that everyday I would take a snap of the site and keep it posted to concerned authorities if things get worse after this day!

Finally, came home exhausted but was really happy with the result and was content that we could do our bit to help others at least this way!

But it is sad that for such petty matters, one has to involve the police (these cops have much bigger challenges to handle), otherwise who listens to you?

We Indians are like this only!
Author- Madhumati Dubey


  1. Good and fluent writing!
    How true it is that we all become indifferent to the problems around us.
    I face this kind of problem while driving, people just get onto the footpaths and drive leaving no chance to the pedestrians... I often try telling people it is not correct and that we should leave the footpaths and some space towards the left for people to walk, who listens ???? Everyone is in a hurry to rush... don't know where.

    Good that you stood boldly in such situation and sorted the issue.

    On a lighter note:
    hip hip hurray - 'krantiveer' :)


  2. Oh! Well said. The power woes just continue and people have learnt to live with it. The people responsible say only one complaint cant do anything n the others just dont bother to co-operate.

  3. Good prompt action.

    But was there any other solution possible? One that did not involve calling in the police? Or did you just wade in, sword in hand, without stopping to check with others if there was a dialog already underway on the same topic? Maybe your society president or other office bearers were talking to the builder instead of the supervisor?

    To me it seems you have made an enemy, one that will live near your home and family for some time to come, at least till the construction is over. While I laud your prompt & decisive actions I cannot help but wonder if it was the right thing to do. In India the police is the worst sort of attention one wants. Or rather does not want. The supervisor is not likely to forget this. To him and his cronies your position's right or wrong has no bearing on the situation because you called in the police.

    Perhaps a more diplomatic approach to the supervisor would have achieved the same result, though it might have taken longer.

    Confrontation should be the last resort. Try other approaches first. Conversation can solve most problems.

  4. Thank you for linking to my blog (Gautam's web). Would you update the link to point at my current blog at ?



  5. heheh.....true...I have few posts on the same notion too!!


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