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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Trip to BR Hills, Ranganthithu and Kokkre Bellur

Last week we were in Bangalore and suddenly decided to visit take a break in the nature. Krupa suggested that we go to BR Hills around 200 Kms from Bangalore as the last time around they had spotted a lot of birds.

Seven of us packed in a Santro started off on our journey to BR Hills - we didnot have any hotel reservations there. Not that there were many hotels around - except for the Jungle Lodges(which is too expensive) and a couple of government guesthouses. Well Krupa was sure that she will manage and while on the way she contacted someone at BR Hills and got us couple of rooms in a newly constructed hotel which had 6 rooms.

BR Hills is on the way to Mysore - and one has to take a left turn near Maddur to reach Yelandur, Kollegal and then BR Hills. It was almost 6:30 p.m. when we reached the forest check post at BR Hills. The forest guard shared that you get to see all kinds of animals except the Lion in this forest and the evening time was the best to see. As we ascended the hills - we suddenly spotted a huge Tusker(elephant) near a waterhole. The lone Tusker drank water and went about sand dusting its body. After having watched it for around 20 mins we moved on as it was getting quite dark.

BR Hills is a very small lonely place which has not yet attracted the wrath of tourists. We checked into this hotel - the rooms were good, neat - however this place didnot have any restaurant. So, we were showed to a small Udippi Hotel nearby and we managed to have some tea/coffee and requested for dinner. While, all this was happening - the electricity at that place was on and off...In the darkness of night Madhu, who was star gazing had a great fall and badly sprained her ankle. That was the end of our trip we thought.

Next day morning - we started off to explore BR hills in search of it was quite hot and our start delayed we missed the birds...though near a waterhole we saw asian paradise flycatcher, bulbul, drongos, kingfisher, babblers and a scalert minvet. As the temperature was rising we decided to move downhills and towards Bangalore.

On the way Vinod, suggested why not we visit the Ranganthithu Bird Sanctuary. 10-12 kms off the Mysore-Bangalore Highway this is near Srirangapatnam(historic city).We booked for an exlusive boat and went around the lake - this place is visited by Open Billed storks, Pelican and painted storks apart from a variety of local birds. The lake has almost 100 marsh crocodiles who looked menacing. The boat ride of 30 mins was exhausting as it was too humid and both the kids were too tired. So we headed back to the shore and moved back to Bangalore.

The next day morning, Vinod and I drove back from Bangalore to a place called Kokkre Bellur. This small village has been the chosen spot by migratory birds like the painted stork and pelican who have been visiting since many years for breeding. The villagers protect these birds and it seemed that this protection and the presence of water body nearby with grass provided them the perfect location to grow their families...It was a trip worthwhile.

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