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Sunday, November 16, 2008

KFC Hyderabad and Social cause

As Lakshmipathi and I walked into the new FKC outlet opposite to LV Prasad eye institute at Hyderabad, everything looked the same i.e. ambience, design, the menu etc.

However, five minutes into the outlet and at the ordering point we realized there was something different. The person in the counter Prashanth(name changed) was finding it difficult to follow us. I noticed that there was no sound coming out of his mouth and he was intently looking at our lips when we were speaking. Well there was the answer...I was dealing with a challenged person and then I modified my interaction so that the person could read my lips and transaction was completed.

As we completed our meal...I saw a poster inviting guests to visit the KFC we decided to take a look at the process. We were properly escorted inside by the ARM(Assitant Restaurant Manager) Satya Prasad and showed us how the fries, the burger, the chicken strips were prepared. How, they adhered to strict guidelines on disposing of stuff within a time frame. It was a good eye opener for us.

Later, as I was talking to the ARM, he told us that KFC wanted to contribute to a good cause and was trying out an exercise of employing challenged folks in this new outlet. There were 31 team members out of which 8 were senior folks from other outlets and 23 folks from a NGO working with these challenged human beings. They were getting a decent pay around 5000 Rs. for this and I saw a degree of pride in their face.

I would like to congratulate KFC and Yum Restaurants for this amazing effort towards a social cause. Keep it up.

1 comment:

  1. I too observed this @ the KFC Somajiguda outlet!
    Was of the opinion that this was one off case...untill I go to know about the inititive.
    commendable indded.

    Cheers to KFC management!



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