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Monday, August 25, 2008

Trip to Tadoba Tiger Reserve(TATR) - Tiger Atlast(August 2008)

My sixth visit to Tadoba Tiger Reserve(TATR) yielded fantastic results. The trip was only for a day on 23rd August and I had two friends Lakshmipathi and Bhabani with me.

Also, with us was our new friend and wild life enthusiast Shalik Jogwe ( Shalik is a person who you shouldnot miss meeting if you are visiting Tadoba. Enthused and engerized we set upon a journey to photograph the beautiful Tadoba tiger. Though I had spotted the tiger twice in my earlier visit, I couldnot manage to photograph them, due to a lot of vehicles crowding.

During our morning trip we saw two packs(8 & 5) of wild dogs and other animals. In the evening round, Ranjan our guide(has a depth of knowledge on birds and butterflies) and Shalik said that we will definitely track the tiger. So, we went to Vasandhara and while travelling heard the alarm call of the barking deer. We rushed to the main road and waited...the call went on for 3-4 minutes...just then there was the distant noise of a vehicle which kept growing and there we find the Conservator of Forests' jeep next to us urging to move along...the noise from the vehicle distrubed and the alarm calls stopped.

Disappointed we moved toward Jamunbodi a lake...wherein earlier we had seen fresh pug marks of two tigers/cubs...just as we looked towards the lake we see this beautiful tigress walking into the lake. What a sight it was as we drove alongside her for almost half an hour...with no other vehicles nearby it was feast to our eyes.

The video is jumpy at some places as I didnot use my tripod though it was available.


  1. wow !!!! finally :)...!

  2. You are lucky to have captured one of the most beutiful creatures.Tigers are shy and avoid people unless one is a maneater.In my young days ,while moving in jungle only once I saw a R.B.T.It was there on roadside but disappeared in a flash.You were sleeping on my lap and before I could wake you up it was gone.Your love for nature appears to have started since the days you were going with us on tour.You chose to sit on my lap and always looked around.Ultimately you became a nature lover and you should thank the lap which made you so and itself ,in return suffered from mild Arthritis.


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