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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trip to Tadoba Tiger Reserve(TATR) - Tiger yet again

Ranjan - my lucky guide Tigeress's private moment

At the fireline Black wood spider - male/female

I have been blogging about Tadoba Tiger Reserve(TATR) as I am fascinated with that forest and regularly visit it from Hyderabad.

We visit Tadoba yet again on Oct 24/25 and there as usual we had our friend Shalik to meet us. So we(Lakshmipathi, Siraj, Sangeeth and myself) decide to go for two trips before heading back to Hyderabad. The evening trip yielded the same set of animals i.e. sambhar, wild boar, spotted deer, birds, bison, crocodile etc.

The next day morning(8:15 am) as we were near Padherponi, my guide Ranjan shouted "Tiger, Tiger" and there in front of us a tiger/tigress cross the road quickly and walked into the fire line. From that point on Ranjan and Shalik tracked the tigress(as we later found out) and it was a feast to the eyes for almost 20 minutes. It was a privilege to see a tiger shitting on the road.
You see the photo of a spider - the black wood spider...larger one being the female beautiful, black and large...the male small, looks like a baby(right of the photo). Well after the mating is over...the beauty(female) devoures the male immediately...short-lived life of the male...but he has passed his genes before that...

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  1. Hello Sandeep

    I came across your blog while doing R & D on Tadoba for a forthcoming visit to the place. In this regard It would of great help if you tell me
    Are there any elephant rides there? Also could you tell me how to book the FRHs? Have you stayed in any of them? I have heard that the location of the one at Kolsa is very good. Also, it is possible to travel inside the forest in a Maruti Zen or should we hire a gypsy from Chandrapur?
    I am a Travel writer based in Hyderabad.
    My email is and it would be of great if you could mail me your reply.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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