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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Birds-BBSR Trip Oct 2007

Our annual trip to Bhubaneshwar was full of more excitment this time around as we ended up spending lot of time bird -watching from our terrace at Nayapalli.
The variety of birds we could view from the terrace was amazing - barbet, red whiskered bulbul, magpie robins, treepie, mynas, coucal, asian koel, purple sunbird, babler, rose ringed parakeet and others like pigeon, eagles, sparrows etc

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  1. Love your bird pictures. I used to have bulbuls nesting here in my garden under the flight path in Sydney, they would come back every year. Unfortunatley, the less welcome migrants from India ( introduced species) the mynahs, chased them off, as they have with our native is a website for Sydney's birds

    and if you get to my blog, you'll see I have a few working birds!
    Nice blog SMS.


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