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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Garbage Disposal at Hyderabad

The garbage disposal and lifting near our apartments in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad is a treat to the eyes through out the day.

Repeated requests to the officials, features in the TOI and The Hindu has not been able to solve our issue. Partly the folks around in the locality are responsible, by throwing stuff outside of the bin so also are the officials by not lifting the garbage regulary and santizing it with Bleaching powder.

This has become virtually a dumping ground and sometime you can get a whiff of the stench even on the fourth floor of my apartment. I pity my friends staying inthe first/second floor who are closet to the dumping bin.

IBN live has posted this issue(my video shoot) in the citizen journalist section. Hopefully we will get some respite...provided the big babus of GHMC, AP understand the issue

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