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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Google Earth - 2

Sometime back I did post on this wonderful tool launched by Google called Earth... At that point of time one could see complete details of US and few countries...

However, when I logged in yesterday and tried Hyderabad...lo and behold I could locate my apartment from the sky...If you have not tried this please do so...I could trace all the major junctions...lanes, landmarks etc and could give driving directions if required to reach my house... Well you can even see the cars in the lanes..I am sure Google would be having enhanced pictures to know the number in the number plate of any vehicle.

These guys never stop from amazing us with their development. With such a thing I feel the privacy that most of the so called top secret defence installations in our country is gone...A tool now that could equip terrorists to strike with much ease...not that they didnot have such information...rather the same has been made available easily and free of cost...

At one end is the quest for research and advacement in providing the other is the violation of privacy and security issues.

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