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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Good Evening Hyderabad – 102.8 FM

I was walking down the road besides Hyderabad House in Banjara Hills when I saw this hoarding on a FM Radio Station, “Good Evening Hyderabad”. Eager to know more, I read that the transmission was only between 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and I did not have a chance that day to tune in.

Next day driving back from office I decide to tune in and one of my favorite band “Modern Talking’s” song being aired. It was a refreshing change from the routine life and as the week progressed I decided to keep my date with Good Evening Hyderabad(GEH) . Nice programs sponsored by Hutch, SriLankan Airlines and Maruti Suzuki were being aired and the choice of songs in each of this was good.

The beauty of the whole episode is that, Good Evening Hyderabad was a program being aired on Akashvani’s Viwid Bharati(AVB) channel. Till date I never bothered to know about AVB’s frequency, but with(GEH) I am already glued to this station.

Thanks to AVB to break this spell of drought in the FM skies of Hyderabad where private operators either dare not operate or are not being allowed to operate. Yes, there is an alternative to FM, through World Space Radio services, however, I am yet to explore the possibility of a mobile service(taking it along in your car)

If you have the time, do tune in and you will definitely hear some of your favorite songs on the air.


  1. Well, good news for you my fellow Hyderabadi. AIR FM Rainbow is here and Radio Mirchi coming soon.
    More info here.

  2. AIR FM Rainbow is pathetic...Radio Mirchi is expected only next year


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