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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Trip to Chickmaglur(Near Bangalore) - 22 - 25 June 2005

The HR team of Oracle had planned an offsite at Chickmaglur, a place 280 kms from Bangalore. Never really wanted to go, as I thought it would be just another offsite which doesnot achieve a purpose. However, with much reluctance decided to join the team.


Had to start early from Hyderabad to reach Bangalore. The whole team boarded an JetAirways ATR at around 9:30 a.m. and all of us occupied the last two rows. With me was Vinod Sivadas and we decided to quiz the air hostess. Around 45 mins into our flight we requested Reena the airhostess to tell us more about the career in Jet. She was a jovial person and more than eagerly shared information with us. To our astonishment, we learnt that the airhostess and inflight executive most of the times get paid a lot more than HR professionals. It was a disappointment for many of
us and some even thought of changing the career.

Landed at Bangalore Airport and there was Shrihari Udupa, Director HR to join us in our trip to Chickmaglur(CMG). Two Qualis were ready to take us to CMG...Many of us decided not to share the same vehicle as Udupa(boss's boss hai na :-))and finally the car I was in had Allen, Smitha, Vinod, Lakshmipathi & Chandril. We had a nice trip and decided to visit the Chennakesava temple at Bellur.

Temple is almost 800 yrs old and part of the Hoyasala dynasty. It took 103 yrs to complete the same and work spanned across three generations. Beautiful architecture and the cornerstone of the temple was a pillar(monolith) that stood on only three corners with a hollow at the centre. As usual LI was upto some monkey tricks and Chandril/Siva
were tripping on Smitha.

Reached the Taj Garden property and checked
into our rooms. Had a session of introduction and some activities and ended. The food was good and the climate too nice.

Siva was my roommate and I went off to bed early. Siva joined in too late and in the middle of the night heard the noise of glass breaking and to my amazement found Nishanth gropping in the dark with a broken glass in his hand.

Early morning Siva and I got up and decided to go for a walk. In the lounge
we met Gopal,Smitha, Govind and a few others and so decided to go out together for the trekking. It was a nice trek, with cool breeze hitting us we walked for almost an hour. The feel and smell of fresh air was invigorating.

The rest of the day wentoff with presentations, tea, coffee biscuit some good food and laughter. Towards 7:00 p.m. we decided to break for the day and start of with the extra curricular i.e. wine dine and dance. I wasnot is the mood for the same also my legs were aching badly from the trekking. So decided to go and play carrom, Vinod joined me and we played a few rounds. Subsequent to that went for dinner with Vinod,Shantnu,Ravi and Chandril. All decided to go for a pleasant late night walk and on the way shared some nice jokes. It was a nice outing. Came back to my room, chatted for some time and then parted ways. Late into the night when Dracula roams, Siva entered the room and then we again started chatting. That brings me to the end of day 2.

Morning, Vinod called me for a walk. I tried waking up Siva but in
vain. So, Vinod and me decided to trek up another hillock and after 1/2 hr decided to go back. Vinod hit the swimming pool and I watched. During the same had some tea and then parted ways to join back for breakfast. The rest of the day's proceeding went on all...Suddenly around 1:00 p.m. some awards were being announced and I suddenly found my name being called out. It was really good gesture and gave me and all others who received the award a proud feeling. Then we decided to split and head towards Bangalore. The bus journey was little whacky and it took us almost 6 hours before we could check into the hotel Central Park(Bangalore)
The brings us to the end of this journey to CMG.

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