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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Indian biscuit manufacturers and outsourcing

Like many of you I have been consuming biscuits(Indian) since childhood days and some favorite ones being...Parle G, Tiger, Milk Bikis, Marie, Digestive etc. Have always liked them a lot and still enjoy eating a few early morning along with a cup of tea.

Not sure how many of you have tracked the taste of the biscuits over the last decade or so...we probably have eating them but consciously never looked at this aspect. is my view...things from a taste perspective have gone really inconsistent...the same original taste that existed a decade ago is no longer there...

The fact of the matter is that everything now is small manufacturers and the leading brands only market them. If you look at the packaging of the will see different manufacturers for the same brand...and I know of some in Hyderabad Katedan area who manufacture from leading brands. If you look at these productions would not want to eat the biscuits.

These folks donot have standard manufacturing process and obviously the companies(parent) donot have stringent quality metrics to control the end result..biscuits that have color variations, tastes, crispiness and sometimes unwanted ingredients like metal, plastics etc.

I had raised issues with Britannia, GSK and will continue to do so...however feedback either is taken or forgotten OR is not even responded to...

So, while I still cannot get over my habit of not eating biscuits with tea....I keep praying that the next packet of biscuit that I open is just palatable.


  1. To let you know- GSK responded and even sent a person across to my place and got the sample collected.

    Also, they replaced two packets of biscuits which were faulty and gave one pack free.

    Atleast someone is hearing.


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