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Monday, June 29, 2009

ITC and WOW initiative

Everytime we go out to buy something...from the supermarket, grocery store or a shopping mall we end up with plastic or paper carry bags. Apart from that...when one buys some home equipment/furniture...lot of cardboard is generated...offcourse our own newspapers add to this pile.

When I look back almost a year ago...we would just call the nearest newspaperwala / Raadiwala (trash merchant) who would pay some price and take it away...Thank God the garbage was gone from our home...

What one did not realize was that the plastic shopping bags almost ended up as third grade plastic bags which were not environment friendly...well who cared about it...because we always buy things from upmarket stores and they have better stuff.

All of these changed one Sunday when we were contemplating call the local Raadiwala...Ting Tong...the door bell rang and there stood three gentlemen with a leaflet, weighing machine, a rate chart and carried ID cards of a well known Indian Conglomerate i.e. ITC(Indian Tobacco company)

They explained that ITC had launched the WOW(Wealth out of Waste initiative) as a part of CSR(Corporate Social Responsiblity), wherein they collect all the dry waste from household, offices etc and payy as perthe company rates....

This was a WOW moment for us...and as we discussed with Sridhar the local contact person...he stated that ITC would re-use the plastics and paper in their recycle plant to generate recycled paper, laminates for papers and some plastic items...

Since then even though we geta little lesser than market rate for the trash...we collect piles of dry trash and wait for ITC to send their folks fortnightly to collect the same.

Kudos to ITC...what a fantastic initiative


  1. Hi Sandip

    I have gone through the last 4 blogs and I love the way your family narrate simple things of life in a such a wonderful way and what really amazed me is the bit of genuine social responsibility you guys have. Its really inspiring.

    Btw I liked the emotional tale of M800 

  2. While it is nice to know that ITC has initiated the WOW, there's is money to be made out of this waste, and profits too. It would have helped to have collection profits go to the raddiwallas with ITC buying it off them.


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