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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mumbai Trip - "Tare Zameen Par"

Well it was the much awaited trip to Mumbai to attend Chintoo(my cousin's) marriage function. Also, it meant that as a family we had an opportunity to meet again i.e. my parents, my sister(Eni), my brother-in-law(Bobby) and offcourse my family.

After all the initial functions and ceremonies we were back to Eni's home and Shreya (my daughter) was upto her tricks running around like any five year old. Suddenly we brings out several sheets of white papers, crayons, pencils, erasers and handovers to each one of us. Being tired, we were little upset as to what she was doing. Then she unveiled her plan - we all were going to do a repeat of the mass painting scene from the movie"Tare Zameen Par".
My father and Bobby didnot like the idea however each one of us were persuaded to paint - some after many years. As we started slowly the tempo started building up with each asking for different colours etc.
Here is the outcome:

The whole experience was exhiliriating and at the end of it all of us looked at each other's paintings commented, smiled and thanked Shreya for wonderful couple of hours.
You also try out this trick and am sure you will enjoy it :-)

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