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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fish based Ice Cream ???

The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology(, the country's premier research organization set-up in 1954 to conduct research on all fishing and fish related stuff, has announced the development of "Maricream" a fish flesh based Ice-cream.

Maricream will have added flesh of either cuttlefish or squid during the production process of the ice-cream. The fish flesh has lots of amino acids and is less smelly. The technology is ready for transfer and it is not very costly.

There are a lot of non-veg flavoured already available worldwide( and there are enough links for the receipe (

Not too sure how many takers will be there in a country like India, where the veggies far out weigh the Non-veggies. Well, for the sake of it I think I should try it once it is available on the store shelf.

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