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Monday, May 29, 2006

Radio City - 106.4 FM

Finally after the launch of Good Evening Hyderabad 102.8 FM which had a good start and the disappointing FM Rainbow 101.9 I thought would come the killer of all FMs Radio Mirchi...

However, after the launch of Radio Mirchi I realised that it was not for the non-Telugu crowd...though my telugu friends are enjoying this channel...which plays only Telugu songs I was again left without a good FM to listen to.

Today 28-May-2006, I saw an Advertisement of Radio City and eagerl tuned in to 106.4 and finally I did hear Hindi Songs...

Thanks RADIO CITY for bring a multilingual channel to Hyderabad...


  1. I googled for Radio City with a number of different search strings but coudln't find their web site! Do you know if they have a web site?

  2. oh yeah Radio City was a pleasant surprise - after what Radio Mirchi did (aka play truckloads of telugu songs), I didnt have much hopes pinned on City - but it has come up trumps.

    If only they can boost the signal a bit ..

  3. Hi! I am a avid listener of Radio. Truly radio city is Good. They have variety of songs and programmes...

  4. Yeah, please tell me if radiocity do have a website, if not then plz have one so that there you can publish your weekly program list, this will help to tune right on time for our favourite program.
    Ankur Jain

  5. Radio City is nice surprise for all of us in hyderabad. Oneday I was listening to radio mirchi and suddenly started tuning my DJ for new channels suddenly I could listen to hindi songs, and in between they said Radio City 106.4 FM. It was sweet surprise. I love music and especially hindi and I was waitign for Radio City for a very longtime. Radio City is awesome with their grewat programming and good hit songs. I am loving it. But I was looking for the english language RJing rather than hindi or telugu. And I request them boost their signal. whic hsi very weak.
    Chaitanya Madas.

  6. Yes, i too searched with different search patterns but i couldn't find the IP address for Radio City , does any one tell me weather is there any IP address for Radio Mirchi as well. I got about 17 different indian stations through out the world, but waiting for these 2 channel's IP addresses.


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