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Monday, May 01, 2006

Organic Store - 24letteredMantra

Almost 9-10 months back when I was doing my routine reading of the BusinessWorld, I came across an one page article about Organic vegetables and food items being launched at Hyderabad. This article talked about 24 Lettered Mantra an organic food chain launched by Sresta Bio-products. The concept of minimal pesticide and fertilizer was interesting and somehow I felt the need to try out these stuff.

However for almost 2 months after having read the article, I didnot have the urge in me to venture out for this shop. Accidently, while driving down Road No 12, on Banjara hills I saw a new shop with 24 Lettered Mantra display board. Since then, it has been a weekly affair going from Kamalapuri Colony to 24 Lettered Mantra to buy the weekly vegetables and grocery items.

The vegetables are of two variety i.e. Organic - No fertilizer and pesticide, these look so different i.e. heterogenous and the taste is quite natural. One can make out the difference especially in the brinjals and the ladyfinger(where one tends to get the pesticide flavour). The jam and honey spread is really good. The rice, pulses, sugar etc does exhibit a marked difference from the products available in the market. The bakery range i.e. Boulanger and the juice section is exciting it keeps Shreya my daughter busy during the visit.

The shop is spacious and has an ethnic set-up specially the floor tiles have a rustic look. The staff is very friendly. Raj Seelam, who is the entreprenuer does a lot of roadshows to promote the concept of Organic food. I had the opportunity to invite him and his team member Awasthy to a party hosted at my place(Image below, Raj talking to us). The bakery items were a major hit with the folks.

Everything comes at a cost and some disadvantages i.e. the prices would vary from about 15-50% more for vegetables to the jams. A conventional jam bottle would cost around Rs.65 whereas an Organic one around Rs.115. But the quality is hugely different. Sometimes the vegetables might not be fresh as it has to be procured from specific farms in Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Himachal, Andhra Pradesh etc.

However, I would appreciate this initiative taken by Raj to bring to us a healthy way of living. If you have the time do visit the shop "Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd., 203, Pavani Annexe, 8-2-276, Road No 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034". You can also visit there website at

Keep up the good work folks!!!

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