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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"People Around Us" - The story of a "Dhobi/Press Waala"

A few weeks back Archana a friend visited us and while discussing on the topic of entreprenuership mentioned about "Ramu".

"Ramu" is a street side "Dhobi" who would press clothes to earn his livelihood. He operates in the Yousufguda locality of Hyderabad,India. A very smart and intelligent person who knew his customers well. Would greet everyone who passed by his cart, enquire with his customers about the days proceeding, update you on local happenings and even help you find some contact/location etc.

Well, one day Archana as her nature is...struck a conversation with Ramu and as things unwinded Archana was shocked to know that she was talking to a next generation entreprenuer.

Ramu the unassuming person he was not earning his livelihood...rather he was running an empire. He used to live with his parents(well to do, owning a two storyed house) in a nearby district. Studied upto Tenth(X)standard and felt that he needed to do something different. He ran away from home and came to Hyderabad. Started running small errands like selling tea, newspapers etc and finally landed up as "Press waala/Dhobi".

Today, he employs 15(fifteen) youths as dhobis and have placed them at strategic locations. To each person he gives a salary of Rs.3,000 per month in addition to the food, snacks and tea. Each of his employee has a mobile phone to get connected and every evening the team gets together late hours to take stock and manage the income.
Ramu has given all of them accommodation and have even insured each for Mediclaim upto Rs.1,00,000.

He drives his business with three simple principles:
1. Keep customer happy.Customer is GOD.(Customer Satisfaction)
2. Give employment and be a good employer.(Social Cause & Employer of choice.
3. Generate profit.(Financial Security)

Amazing approach which all the top strategists/business gurus probably would be taking lumpsum money to give advise to MNCs.

He earns a decent Rs.50,000 per month after all his expenses which amounts to and includes:
1. Salary to employees : Rs. 45,000
2. Food(Approx) : Rs. 10,000
3. Accommodation : Rs. 6,000
4. Mobile phone : Rs. 7,000
5. Insurance : Rs. 1,000
6. Misc(bribe to MCH, police etc) : Rs. 2,000
Total Expenses: : Rs.71,000/-

I am just awed by "Ramu" and his approach to life. Working in a top MNC earning a 6 digit salary figure I feel what I have achieved today is a miniscule of what Ramu is today.

Hats off to Ramu and all such Entreprenuers of India.

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