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This blog captures the life experiences of the Enigmatic India team in the beautiful and enigmatic country of India.We capture our experiences through our writings, photos and products that depict the very essence and fabric of India.Through this platform, we invite you to join us in our journey as we explore.

About Us

At heart, we are a team of birdwatchers, tiger admirers, nature lovers, fascinated by history
and keen traveller.Our love for birds, animals and nature started very early as a hobby. We
explored trails, found birds and learnt about other flora and fauna for the fun of it. Our love
grew and evolved into Enigmatic India.

When we started Enigmatic India, our intention was to travel, experience, share and give back. We did that in good measure. We allowed the myriad experiences to stoke and provoke us and discovered a bunch of more things we could do. We got intensely involved with some causes and supported them. We invited our family and friends to participate and were pleasantly surprised by the participation.

For everyone who has supported us and continue to encourage us, here is a summary of our experiences, some of them thrilling, some mundane but nonetheless exciting.

1 – once, we got lost once in the wilderness
2 – twice, we encountered poachers
2 – two feet is the closest we got to a tiger – we froze
3 – charities and causes we have supported
3 – product lines we have experimented with
5 – editions of our calendar delivered
7 – corporate entities purchase products in bulk from us
19 – is the total number of Indian states we have traveled in
20 – UNESCO world heritage sites visited by us
46 – is the number of hotels we stayed at and reviewed
89 – guides helped us explore our experience in Enigmatic India
268 – species of birds we spotted and identified
500 – rupees charged for allowing us to view the photo of a defecating tiger
1700 – likes on FB, a small start with social media
2011 – is the year we launched Enigmatic India
4000 – calendars were designed and delivered by our team
11254 – photos of flora & fauna in our photo library, and growing
17900 – unique number of times our blog have been read and viewed
65000 – kilometers travelled by road by the team
140000 –rupees is the total donations we made with proceeds from our products. Thank you all.
300000 –number of times one of our photos has been viewed

Some risky, some outright stupid, 5 years just passed and we feel we have not even started. In hindsight, some of these look too large to be true. Some of our photographs were bad; even we would not look at them. Others turned out well; we got over 300k views on one of them. To think that we encountered poachers and stared them in the eye and not knowing what to do, now seems stupid.

Despite everything, at no point, did we feel stressed! We continue to be happy people, engaged in what we love doing most. In five years, our resolve to give back to the society has continuously strengthened.

As we evolve, we realize the need to structure our operations. Too many things were haphazard in our interactions. We thank you for the patience in dealing with them. We are fixing those issues. We are happy to share Enigmatic India is now incorporated as a private limited entity. Our operations have been, are, and will always remain to be fully transparent.

We engaged with Shibumi Design team to give us a new identity and we are very happy with the results, unveiling soon. We are deeply engaged with a product design and production team to explore some exciting new products, our first product experiments are done some of you have seen the results. We are thrilled and eager to bring them to you.

We have come this far and this leads us to ask ourselves, “Who will Enigmatic India be?”

When we started Enigmatic India, we had no idea what lay ahead and we did not imagine we would come this far. Today, we are building a purpose around what we do. We endeavor to
  • Contribute to conservation of wildlife in all means possible
  • Share experiences through writings, photographs, classes and products
  • Build sustainable models to independently support our initiatives
  • Offer products, services and community based programs relevant to Enigmatic India
  • Provide meaningful opportunity for the inclusion of local artisans
  • Generate meaningful livelihood in relevant areas that we can
 We will continue to discover, explore and unravel people, places, food, history, culture, heritage, nature, wildlife and the many other myriad facets of India.

We are committed more than ever in our contribution to conserve wildlife. Similar causes will continue to be a major part of our efforts. We resolve to participate more with nature and give back in all ways we can and inspire others to participate.

Like a spirited teenager, we are super excited about the future and we embark into next 5 years with spunk, eager to see more and do more.

To Experience
Save and
To be aware,

This is Enigmatic India.

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