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Friday, July 08, 2016

Trip to Ladakh - Yaks and Marmots

This summer I wanted to go to a cold place. Luckily my parents planned a vacation to Ladakh. The region is a cold desert. I was hopeful of seeing snow for the first time. Though I did not know what kind of animals lived in Ladakh, our driver cum guide, Imran, was quite knowledgeable and told us about Yaks, Marmots, Pashmina Sheep, Himalayan Pheasant, etc. He also promised to show these animals during our travel. He kept his promise and on one occasion caught a fish with his bare hands.

Of all the animals we saw Yaks and Marmots interested me the most as, in India, Ladakh is one of the few places they are found. Yaks are domestic as well as wild animals. They have a thick long coat of fur. We saw a few Yaks, and, were lucky to come close to one of them, whom I quickly clicked for posterity. This particular Yak is probably a domesticated Yak photographed near the Chang La Pass in Ladakh. On the bank of the Pangong Tso, I also experienced a Yak Ride!!! If you want to know more about Yaks, well there is Wikipedia to explore.

Marmots called "Pheya" in Ladakhi, on the other hand appeared to very shy animals. It seems there are two types i.e. Himalayan and the Long Tailed ones. They are cute and look like a weasel or a large squirrel. To escape from the severe winters they hibernate and live in burrows. Near the Chang Thang wildlife sanctuary, we passed through a Marmot crossing point where I captured them in my camera. On the back drop of the snow clad mountains and the green grass these look animals look cute.

I enjoyed the trip to Ladakh and you should also visit to experience this beautiful place.

(Contributed  by Aishani Nanda, grade IV )

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