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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Trip to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India

One-horned Rhino
A very short drive from Guwahati i.e. ~45 Kms, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary holds the distinction of having the highest density of One-horned Indian Rhinoceros in the world. Located in the plains of river Brahmaputra, it is situated in the Morigaon District of Assam. Roughly 40 sq Kms in size it is house to almost 90 Rhinos and the ones that we saw were infact quite large. During the monsoon season, the flood waters of the Brahmputra flood this park and the animals move to nearby regions.
Lesser Adjutant
Apart from the one horned Rhinoceros, Pobitora hosts a lot of migratory birds during the winter season and in the last count in 2012 approximately 5000 migratory birds of ~30 different types were seen.
Jeep rides are available though limited (due to the necessity of an armed guard accompanying you - like in most of the Rhinoceros National parks in the NE India), and so also you can have the pleasure of an elephant ride through the sanctuary. Incase you are interested in bird life then you can access the vicinity of the park for some photography...however there is always the threat of one being approached by a Rhino(exercise adequate caution please). For the children there is a Hadook Hanging bridge...which one can experience during a short 2-3 mins walk.
Migratory Birds
One can get there through multiple routes and we used the one through Chandrapur. The visit was a short one and good one.

(Contributed by EnigmaticIndia Team)

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