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Saturday, August 15, 2015

India@69: Personal glimpses and stories in 69 words

We are happy to publish our first contributory blog post India@69 in 69 words on the occasion of Indian Independence Day.  We thank Mahua, Ankita, Shantanu, Pramod, Prof. Sihna, Shree and Aryani for being a part of this memorable event. While it’s almost impossible to narrate your experience or tell your story about enigmatic India in 69 words, some of our friends took up this challenge and here’s what they have to say.
Collage: Picture credit: Ankita Katuri and Pramod Dhal

Mahua Maharana’s trip down the memory lane while they sighted a tiger and her cubs:
"It was 1985; we had gone to Hazaribagh Forest.  It was off-season.   The wooden cottages, legacies of the colonial Raj, were charming with dim lanterns and huge bathtubs.  But the magic happened in the night. In an absolute silence heaven came down to us. We could touch the stars, walk through the Milky Way, bathe in the moonlight and saw a tiger mother passing with her three cubs. " Mahua Maharana, Bhubaneshwar

Ankita Katuri reminiscing about her trip to Pench:
"Last year, we went to the Pench National Park – a beautiful place to relax, unwind and become a part of nature where it still is, as it was meant to be. Although we weren’t lucky enough to spot many ‘exotic’ animals, it was heartening to see the freedom they had. Trip highlights: watching wild animals actually move freely without inhibitions and getting to learn the art of making pottery." Ankita Katuri, Hyderabad

Photo credit: Ankita Katuri
An account of how Pramod Dhal saved a duck in Chilika lake:
“It was a semi-chilled winter morning; I was heading towards a small island in Chilika. To my utter surprise, found six tufted ducks trapped, one was blinking its eyes, but others dead. Ah! So cute and lovely innocent creature struggling for life between NET & DEATH, I heard the ‘sound of a soul’, pleading for its life, rescued the one. And I was lost in its pursuit of freedom.” Pramod Dhal, Bhubaneshwar

Shantanu’s discovery of how enigmatic India is during his road trip to Sikkim:
"A road trip is where you get to meet the real enigmatic India. One such unforgettable trip was from Delhi to Sikkim. From the filth of some cities to the almost aseptic cleanliness, the latest cars to contraptions on wheels, expressways to dirt roads, landscape changing from the plains to the forests and then to the ice clad mountains, boy we have a really enigmatic India!" Shantanu Bhattacharyya, Delhi

Prof. Sinha brings in the significance of remembering our history:
"As the Independence Day approaches each year, there is a lot of writings that appear on the heroes of our struggle for freedom. All political speeches and messages are mere replete with tales of sacrifices of our leaders. But almost always the same names get all attentions while enormous other lesser known names remain push in to a long forgotten pages regularly. Is not it injustice to our legacy? "Prof. Ramesh Sinha, Gurgaon

Shree Chattopadhyay recollects her childhood memories of the Cellular Jail in Andaman:
"Every Independence day when I hear our Prime Minister speak at the Ref Fort, my mind wanders to the corner most cell of Veer Vinayak Dmodar Savarkar in Cellular Jail (Kala Pani); the remotest archipelago of India- the Andaman Island. I visited there as a child. That small space had seen the pain of our independence activists; heard the sound of the boisterous sea and felt the echo of freedom. I salute to all, who have gave us our identity- our motherland to us." Shree Chattopadhyay, Hyderabad

Aryani Earla relates her larger experience with enigmatic India:
"Planet Earth filled with several mysterious sights, unexplained origins, History, Theories and plenty of mystifying sightings, Mythic creatures and their worldly appearances. Places around the world are home to countless Statues and monuments honoring many who make a considerable impact. Carnivals with elements of local culture. Something unusual and slightly kooky- Natural adventures with Dolphins at Sea and Zip lining in forest was terrific. Enjoyed every inch of it." Aryani Earla

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  1. Its really nice to go through Travel experiences of different people. Specially when it's described in 69 words. Wonderful way to celebrate India@69.


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