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Thursday, June 11, 2015

India's persona

The earth has 7 continents and 197 countries. All these countries have their own cultures. Now, I  imagine; what if all these varied cultures were part of a single country? Well, that is India in a
nutshell for you! This is a country where all the four corners are poles apart.

All the countries of the world have their own cultures and languages, because a nation is nothing but the people residing there. Therefore, I believe that the persona of a nation is nothing but the persona of the people in it. So then, what can we say about a country like India, where its cultures are so diverse?
I believe that India follows the principles of humanity, universal brotherhood and equality. Our value system is based on the principle of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, which means “The world is our family”. Everyone who lives in India belongs to different religions, but all of us believe in living in peaceful co-existence, as “Live and let live” is our motto. Above all, when the need arises, all of us are ready to stand together for the nation, come what may. This echoes our principle of Unity in Diversity.
And so, on a final note, I can say that India is a tolerant, secular, peace-loving, helpful, generous, accommodating and friendly country.
And that is what makes me proud to be an Indian.
Contributed by Viraaj Kaza
India is a very beautiful country with history dating back to about hundreds of years. It is a mysterious place with lots of attractions. Even with such a long history, the power of this majestic country lies within the hands of its youth. People here are very caring, patient and nice! In some places in remote areas, if you are a stranger, there is no need to worry for there will be someone who will let you in their home. :-) This place is colorful literally and in their hearts.
There are about more than six religions in India. This itself shows how much tolerance prevails here. The people are very interesting. They usually greet each other with the tightest of hugs, listen to songs in the highest of volumes, dance as if it was their last time to do so, shout the loudest and of course, eat as much as the stocks last! Festivals are the time to look out for, because I feel that Indians are the experts at celebrating their vibrant festivals!
The religious places in India give you the much needed peace and the silence to let the divineness sink into you. The mythological stories and the stories behind historical monuments intrigue you! You end up researching a lot about it; and in turn, you learn about your country.
Historical monuments are amazingly built. When you visit a place with historic heritage, you wonder how that architecture was made and how creative and artistic they were.
The beauty of India surely lies among the monuments and heritage sites. But the beauty is enhanced because of the kind of people living in it.
Contributed by Nikhil Kuppa

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