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Monday, March 02, 2015

Trip to Ater Fort, Bhind Madhya Pradesh

History of the Fort
After a day long safari at the Chambal River, our journey took us to a lesser known Fort of India, the Ater Fort It is located in the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, however it can be accessed from Uttar Pradesh (U.P.)too by crossing the Chambal River.

Ater-Fort-view from fort
View of from the top of the Fort

Khoni Darwaza

Without much expectations we set out to see this fort from the UP side by crossing the Chambal river. A camel caravan was waiting for us at the other side and after a lot of juggling all of us managed to mount the camels. The Chambal river bed(sand) was quite wide as the water levels had receded and it took us some time to come to main land. You can also take one of the local jeeps/Auto to go to Ater and after a 30 minute camel safari we could see the large fort structure. At the foot of the Fort in an adjoining ground, the local folks were busy playing cricket.

Restoration work by ASI in progress
We meandered up a small pathway to the entrance of the Fort which was blocked by a truck carrying construction material. Our guides from the resorts walked us through a gate into this large fort. The limited information about Ater Fort is inscribed in a marble stone(by ASI) and placed at the entrance. Built by the Bhadoria Chief,Badan Singh Judeo in A.D. 1644 and was completed by Mahsingh in 1668.

Rani Ka Mahal

Like most major forts there are four entrances in each direction and fortified at seventeen places from a defensive stand point of view. Atypical of the Mughal architecture the Fort has the Diwan-I-Am and Diwan-I-Khas, The Saat Manjila (seven storied watch tower), Rani and Raja ka Mahal (King and Queen Places), the Khooni Darwaza and other structures. There is a huge/deep well and one needs to be careful as its not fenced. The higher floors have become home to the beautiful rose ringed parakeets and one can spot other birds here too including the illusive Crested Buntings.

Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) is trying to restore this place with building material and methodology from those eras. This place is crying for more attention not only for restoration but also to be visited, appreciated and enjoyed.

You can view more photos here

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