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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Indian Citizen rights - inputs to Bills with the Parliament of India

Last year the Lok Pal Bill created a flutter when the Standing Committee of the Parliament on Personnel, Grievances, Law & Justice referred this bill to the Citizens of India.This turned out to be a powerful tool for all of us to reach out to the Govt.

Since then I have been tracking various dailies and realized that this was not a case in isolation. In fact the Parliament of India, does seeks citizens feedback/opinions for all bills introduced before it.

One can access them from both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha websites. The links are mentioned below:
1. Rajya Sabha : Under the Committees section   you can view Bills with the Committee/Press seeking Public opinion.  click here to access the same.

2. Lok Sabha: This also has a committee sub-section, however this one is a trickier as there is no direct link available. One can visit the Department related standing committees from the following link.

I have been participating in this is process and have given my opinions on two bills. So, please take some time from your busy schedule and participate in this process.

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