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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

India- my Nation

India, you are my nation
with deep devotion
I salute you!

you are a nation
with thousands-years' old civilisation
you are a nation
that witnessed the moghuls, rajas and the english invasion

you are a nation
that fought for the freedom from the english rule
where the indians were ridiculed

you are a nation
that got the freedom at the stroke of midnight on 15th aug 1947
a result of the non-violent fight with all might
led by Gandhi, the Mahatma

you are a nation
developing in all spheres
you are a nation
where politicians have a toast
common people have nothing to boast

you are a nation
fighting for equal rights to girls and boys
for the girls still get killed for want of boys
however, Sania & Saina shine bright

you are a nation
of tigers, rhinoes and the other wildlife
for they have no right to life
did i hear something called conservation?
the poachers poaching the, for a hefty sum
the forests getting scrapped out, for life in the wild is mum
the silence of the jungle is never heard
will it ever be heard in the years to come?

you are a nation
so diverse, with rich culture and heritage
forgotten by all, with time and age

you are a nation
living with threats to life of one and all
will these human-evils ever end at all?

India, you are a nation
there are issues a plenty to resolve
there are concerns a plenty to listen
there are applauds a plenty to cheer of!
come on! India, let us together reach the stars

You are a nation deserving a standing ovation
for what'n'where you are today in this world of different nations!
with freedom of 63 years, and years to come.

Proud to be an Indian...Madhu.


  1. Sandip, awesome.. somewhere the pain of a true Indian is reflected in the poem

  2. Nice! Cool blog!

    If you'd like to see it, this is mine:


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