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Saturday, January 12, 2008

My first trip with the BSAP(Birdwatchers Society of Andhra Pradesh)

I never had an interest on birds and now I regret that I did loose out some many good opportunities.

During my first trip to Kanha, I had a very nice guide who somehow managed to generate that interest in me in Jan 2007. Since then I have been trying to learn, read and watch birds. Some photos have been listed in this blog of mine. However, all my efforts used to be alone till recently when I convinced my friend Farrukh to join me in this interest. In fact he has developed a great sense of liking for birdwatching.

One day I read about the BSAP(in The Hindu) and called up Sushil Kapadia, who invited me to join them for a birding trip to the Manjeera Tank on the Mumbai highway. As Farrukh and I joined the group, we were introduced to a very senior set of avid bird watchers. We found ourselves to be little the drive progressed and we reached a paddy field suddenly all the cars stopped and one could see apart from binoculars folks with different equipments like the Spotting scope(I was new to this) and cameras with Lens(which we named Bazookas).

Both of us did not have any binoculars and managed to see the birds close by, however the team members spotting this problem extended help in lending their binocs. They also helped us in identifying different types of birds, identifications marks etc. As we moved on to Manjira waterbody, we were joined by other folks also.

We were introduced to a whole lot of new birds - Wigeon, Red Munia, Indian Silverbill, Yellow and grey Wagtail, Rosy Starling, Four varieties of Swallows, Glossy Ibis. Other birds that we saw were the coot, purple moorhen, Indian moorhen, green bee-eater, blue bee-eater, pied kingfisher, pheasant tailed jacana, myana, coucal, stonechat etc.

It was an exciting trip and thanks to the efforts of the seniors in the group we did learn a lot :-)

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