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Monday, December 31, 2007

Seoni Police - a brief interaction

Our interactions with the police department when one is in the city/metro is limited to a traffic constable, mobile van or the local beat officer.

In one of my latest trip to a place in Madhya Pradesh, we did face the rural cousins of the urban police force. It was a very interesting experience, which I thought of sharing.

Travelling in two cars with the second car following my car we were near a village called Barghat, Seoni district, when I got a call from my friend stating that a motorcycle lost balance and scratched against their car. The motorist after travelling for some distance lost control and fell. As he was describing this, we were crossing Barghat town, suddenly around 10-12 police men were seen in the road and one of them just signalled to us " Side le chalo, Khabar aaie hai ki tum log accident kar ke aya ho". My driver said we have done nothing like that...howeveranother constable stated " Jhachan padtal ke baad pata chalega, tum police station chalo" So here we go and we asked to park in front of the police station.

By this time, we saw the second vehicle also come in and a swarm of village folks following it..."Yehi gaadi hai, jo accidentt kiya hai". Already the by-standers numbers were swelling to 100+ and the police folks around if the catch was a notorious terrorist...The complianant was not to be seen.

The typical constable was chewing tobacco(Gutka), shabbily dressed, pot bellied, uncombed hair...however the slogon on the gateand police station stated "Desh Bhakti, Jan Seva". The TI shaheb(Thana Incharge) arrived at the scene in a old rickety vehicle and he then started asking questions...He inspected the vehicel and said..."Pata nahin accident hone waala jaab aayenge tab hum Compromise kar lenge"

As things were moving....its was already an hour and the crowd continued to look at us. Suddenly, we see 5-6 local boys(Goondas type folks-pony tails, jeans, latest mobiles, chewing gutka) walk in and the leader did a namaste and said "Ka ho TI saheb, hamra kaam kaab hoga" As this person entered the TI saheb and all other constables said "sirji salaam, chotte se accident issue solve kar raha hain, uske baad wahin aajanege" A complete role reversal...our police saluting the apparent goonda...the leader walks up to the car and inspects it..."Aare yeh to choti baat hai TI saheb".

While all this was happening the benevolent TI said to us that we can continue in our journey and they will leave the second car after some more investigation.....So,we hired a local jeep and moved on.

After 3 hours of our arrival at the destination, the second car reached...the driver was asked to pay Rs.1,000 as the compromise money(apparently it went to the TI Saheb). We did hear the localites say that come evening the police station turns to a Gamblling and liquor den with the goondas and police sharing the same esteem place.

What an experience...I didnot have the courage to take photos of this incident...Well "Desh Bhakti and Jan Seva" was seen at its prime in this case.

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