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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Indian Team performance - Eclipsed

During the last few months, I felt we as a nation probably missed out the contributions of the Indian team or an Indian sports person. Few examples of this:

1. Saina Nehwal - Winner of the Phillippines Open 2006. A true achievement by itself and any standard. Most of us probably would have got confused...with Sania Mirza(similar sounding name) who has become a tennis icon in international circuits. I feel Saina Nehwal deserves a lot more from the country than what she is getting today....Keep it up both Saina and Sania.

2. Indian Cricket team - Winning a series at the West Indies almost after three decades was a feast for the Indian cricket fans....However, I felt the World Cup football fever probably snatched the attention this item should have usually been given by the media and recognized by the fellow country men...A wonderful team effort...

3. Indian Hockey Team - The national game of the country...had been on a downslide with politics playing a major role...the team has not made it to the semi-finals of any major tournament since 2003... Couple of weeks back when the Indian hockey team won the bronze medal in the Azlan Shah Hockey tournament played at Kuala Lumpur, I felt the day of reckoning has finally arrived...Kudos to the Indian hockey team...Great work!!!.

We are a country full of talented people and they deserve a lot more.

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